DJ Smith

Darin Smith Jr. was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. First introduced to jazz as a child where Grover Washington’s CD “Wine Light” was a fixture in his home. His love affair with Jazz continued with rides in his grandmother’s car where the music invoked the same soothing feeling as it did when he was baby.  At the early age of 7, he  knew he  wanted to play the saxophone. 


Darin began to master his craft throughout middle and high school ranking as one of the Top 5 saxophonist in Michigan. Darin continued to sharpen his skills by joining the world famous FAMU "Marching 100" where he played for 3 years.  After receiving his Bachelors Degree there in Jazz Studies, he continued his education at Florida State University earning his Masters in Arts Administration and becoming a brother of the largest fraternal music society in the U.S, Phi Mu Alpha.


Shortly after moving to Washington, DC, to join the burgeoning art scene, Darin joined the prestigious Music and Arts family as a music instructor where he teaches people of all ages and levels woodwinds and percussion.


With his trusted horn alongside, Darin performs at parties, clubs, and various events. In his spare time, he works as a videographer and producer to an assorted clientele.  


Darin is currently working and playing in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.


“Music is a language that speaks of nothing but peace. There aren’t words of war, ill intention, or anger. Music is about love.” – Darin Smith Jr.

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